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  • Malaysia in Sabah, Sarawak needs resolution +

    In Sarawak in particular, even more so than in Sabah, not a day has passed since 1963 among the people, without them waking up and asking themselves the question: "How did we get into this situation? Why are we with Malaya on the other side of this big sea? They are so far away, even further than the moon, at least the moon is something that we can see every night! Why can't we be on our own?" Read More
  • Najib not only ‘guilty’ party to bring to account +

    Those who took monies from him are as equally guilty as those who channeled the alleged extraordinarily large sums into his personal accounts.  Read More
  • Najib and Mahathir both big, fat liars +

    The difference is that one is a bad liar while the other can get away scot-free lying. Read More
  • Sabah Special Forces can end kidnappings +

    It's clear, in the wake of the recent kidnapping in Sandakan, that EssCom (Eastern Sabah Security Command) can only deal with external threats like the Sabah claim. Read More
  • Adenan must prove himself on intentions +

    How much is Adenan really in charge and is there a Taib factor which continues to dog his administration? Read More
  • The case for vernacular schools +

    The National Education Blueprint believes diversity of cultures and peoples to be fundamental to Malaysian identity, and that young students learn best when taught in their mother tongue. Read More
  • Why punish the children, Mr Prime Minister? +

    The only logical inference we can make about the meagre allocation given to Chinese schools is that the budget has been used to punish the Chinese for not throwing their support behind the MCA and BN during the last general election. Read More
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