Launch New CPI

Mission Statement

The Centre for Policy Initiatives was formally established as a non-profit policy reform organization in June 2007. Its mission is focused on providing the policy interested public, academia, private sector, government and other key stakeholders with accurate information, data and analysis on vital national issues affecting the country’s economy and society. The Centre also aims to act as a independent and uncompromising watchdog on democratization, good governance and public policy reform.

CPI Activities

Since its establishment, the CPI has been active in efforts aimed at raising the level of public awareness and discourse on key national issues. It is also working with other civil society organizations in monitoring our progress towards a strong and resilient democratic system

Besides its website work, the CPI has been actively engaged in

  • organizing public meetings on important subjects such as restoring local elections and the role of bloggers in promoting civil society
  • issuing press statements and policy notes on issues of public concern, including those focusing on civil liberties, the judiciary, the mass media, repressive laws and regulations such the Universities and University Colleges Act, academic freedom, local government reform, etc.
  • disseminating information providing guidance to voters during the March general election.