Proposed Activities

1. Establish a program of research aimed at a deeper understanding of the major causative factors accounting for poverty and the policy reforms necessary to eradicate the scourge of poverty

2. Engage in research, advocacy and dissemination on key national issues including education, privatization, social safety nets, public services delivery system, corruption and wastage, housing the poor, etc.

3. Organize roundtables/seminars focusing on issues of current interest.

Issues being considered include:

a} foreign investment: who gains and who loses

b) GLC's: bringing them in line with national interests

c) public information and data: towards greater transparency and accountability

d) making the Ninth Malaysia Plan work for all Malaysians

e) poverty alleviation: what has failed and what has worked

4. Initiate a CPI Prominent Malaysians Speak Out series.

Prominent Malaysians excelling in various fields including art, architecture, culture, business, economy and the sciences and technology will be invited to share their views on key issues and challenges facing Malaysian society and their suggestions and proposals on how to reach the various goals and targets of Vision 2020.

5. Establish the Centre's electronic website –

The website will consist of three main parts:

a} description of the Centre's activities and work

b) interactive discussion of issues affecting national unity and integration

c) repository for various papers of the Centre and partners of the Centre

6. Co-organize a meeting of Malaysian stakeholders on Local Governance. The proposed meeting seeks to bring together multiple CSO stakeholders that are concerned about the declining standards of local governance. It will provide inputs to policies aimed at improving local governments and help bring about the effective involvement of local communities in issues at the local level.