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Body Image Barrier Perception As A Function Of Assimilation Within The Malaysian Aborigines

Author 1 Armstrong Jr., Hubert E

Author 2 Tan, Eng Kong

It was predicted that the Orang Asli (Malaysian aborigines) would score as a "high barrier" culture on the body-image barrier index, and that villages located with greater proximity to outside influence would produce individuals with lowered barrier indices. Ss were 30 female and 30 male Orang Asli to whom a standardized group administration of the Rorschach test was presented and scored for barrier responses. Hypothesis one was tested by comparing Orang Asli scores with those obtained from other cultures reported in the literature. Hypothesis two was tested by comparing groups of Ss living at roadside and the jungle fringe with each other and with deep jungle dwellers. Both hypotheses were supported. These results were interpreted as consistent with the theory that indulgent childrearing practices contribute to heightened perception of personal boundedness and that exposure to conflicting value systems results in diminished barrier perception. [Download]

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