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Refining Tourist's Place Experience through Placemaking: Concepts and Correlations.

Experiencing places is an integral process in tourism. The outcome of the experience will either have a longlasting impact on the tourists or just merely a short-term impression of the place visited. Studies on tourist experience have been widely discussed to better understand the diverse processes and variables involved in creating a positive tourist experience. Place experience is closely related to both fields of landscape architecture and tourism planning. Spaces created become places, and places act as the setting where tourists interact with the people and experience the environment of the destination visited. Therefore, as designers and planners of places, it is vital to understand what makes a great destination in order to give a high quality of experience to tourists. This paper aims to discuss tourist experience from the perspective of place experience. An epigrammatic theoretical exploration and studies on concepts of place are conducted to better understand what makes a place and how a place influences tourist experience. [Download]

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Ekopelancongan Dan Perbelanjaan Ekopelancong Di Pulau Redang

The study of tourist expenditure is based on information gathered on accommodation, food and beverage, transportation, tourism and shopping activities. This research was conducted to identify factors affecting expenditure such as demograph, visit characteristics and perceptions and tourist expenditure patterns at Pulau Redang factors. Article written in Malay.  Publication: 4th International Malaysian Studies Conference; 3-5 August 2004, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi. Author: Roseliza Mat Alipiah.  [Download]

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Benefits of EcoTourism for Local Communities

The benefits of ecotourism for local communities can be broadly categorized as economic, socio-cultural and physical. The most  direct economic benefits are the improvements in employment and income. The National Ecotourism Plan recognises that local communities living at ecotourism site have generally low incomes. Hence, ecotourism provides a viable economic option for such communities.

Author: Wong, ChayNee.  Publication: 17 October 2005. [Download]

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Gearing Up For A Busy Tourism Year

2007 promises to be an exciting year for the tourism industry. In an effort to further promote Malaysia’s image as a popular international tourist destination, the government has declared 2007 as Visit Malaysia Year (VMY). This is the third time that authorities have embarked on this campaign, following two previous successful efforts in the early 1990s.

Author: Wong, ChayNee.  Publication: MIERScan, 1 January 2007. [Download]

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Assessing The Tourism Sector Potential


Tourism represents an increasingly important sector of the Malaysian economy. The tourism industry has experienced rapid growth and has been identified as a key driver of the growth in the services sector. The industry continues to be a key foreign exchange earner, contributing to GDP (gross domestic product) growth, investment and employment as well as strengthening the services account of the balance of payments.

Author: Musalmah Johan.

Publication/Conference: MIERScan, 31 December 2007. [Download]

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